Never Had I Ever done a 30 day Solo trip before,

Never Had I Ever appeared for an international educational program,

Never Had I Ever lived with a European family

Never Had I Ever been stranded on foreign land at midnight without network & transport connectivity,

Never Had I Ever been woken up to zero degree temperature in routine,

Never Had I Ever been a part of a class full of young European brats,

Never Had I Ever been the only Indian in the whole institute,

Never Had I Ever been comfortable with eating meals alone yet having a fulfilled day,

Never Had I Ever experienced a DREAM coming true.

A 32 year old me leaving behind my 3 year old daughter, went out there to live a dream. A dream to learn French in France. Yes, I did get this wonderful opportunity to pursue my dream in my dreamland 🙂

To stay with a French family,

To eat what the French ate,

To totally live the French way, was no less than a dream until that day (which I distinctly remember) when i discussed with my husband about how cool would it be for me to travel to France & take up a teacher training program. This was me speaking or infact dreaming, after I decided to take a sabbatical from my current cushy job in a reputed MNC, in order to explore other options. Who knew an unsure decision of taking a break then, would help me live a dream. The dream of pursuing french as a career & a goal to build a community of French enthusiasts named ‘SALUT FRENCH’- was coming true.

My profile still is dominated by the financial sector if you may ask, but the love for French always made me remain in touch with the language. Over week-ends, I’ve taught French since 2005. In general, I’ve always loved teaching as a profession – So one fine day when i thought I could merge the two, I decided to be a full time French trainer. This decision soon was followed by the Dream Trip of learning & living among the locals.

Lets cut short the ‘not so interesting’ part of this journey, which does include, the endless research & planning to identify the best region in France followed by the course content & the innumerable & exciting short term courses in Paris & Nice. Further to this the emotional element of this trip of preparing myself and my family to be okay & in agreement with the idea of a mother leaving her daughter for a month.

Lets cut now directly to ‘the most interesting 30 days of my life’!!!

To check that out follow the next blog 😉